The communication platform for accelerated virtual care.

Secure and easy to use, We Must Meet’s fully stacked solution optimizes remote healthcare to meet and exceed the needs of both patients and providers.

Provide Care Near and Far

All it takes is one click to be connected. Deliver care online immediately via appointments, follow-up visits, treatments, and more.

Serious Security and Privacy

Data is safe and secure with HIPAA compliant video conferencing software; security-first technology that ensures virtual care meets regulation.

Simple To Implement and Use

Let patients and providers connect via a browser-based solution with a customizable interface that’s simple and easy to navigate. Zero downloads required.

We Must Meet Makes
Healthcare Easy and Secure


Manageable for Providers

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, We Must Meet fits with existing technology to seamlessly augment care:

  • Collaboration features and file sharing
  • Coordinate meetings and schedules
  • Meets regulations and supports HIPAA compliance

Straightforward for Patients

Patients can get the care they need by joining meetings from any device without ever having to leave their home:

  • Zero download browser based technology
  • Android and iOs mobile apps for e-visits, consultations and more
  • Connect anytime, anywhere – on-demand

Video-enabled Patient Care Workflow

Schedule a virtual visit ahead of time or make an on-demand booking.

Option to record virtual appointments, meetings, and consults for review and or training.

Link the meeting to your email or calendar for an easy way to join.

Work and collaborate with other providers using screen sharing, and live video annotation.

Stay connected from anywhere on any device. Remote locations with low bandwidth included.

Loop in other teams, experts, and family members for fully integrated virtual care and visits.

Why We Must Meet?


Virtual Consultations

With high-definition audio and video, patients and providers can participate in high-quality consults – from anywhere at any time.


Continuing Medical Training

Clinical and admin learners can join seminars, meetings, and conferences for virtual training and gain access to online courses.


Broadening The Network

Expand and connect to a global community of professionals from different specializations for second opinions and greater support.


Centralization Of Management Systems

Align with other healthcare professionals effectively using We Must Meet’s Drive content library for secure file sharing at your fingertips.

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Engaging Collaboration

Implement collaboration features like Screen Sharing, Online Whiteboard, and Speaker Spotlight for more human-centric communication.

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Expedite Referrals

Cut down patient wait time by linking to hospitals for immediate transfers, referrals and sending records electronically.

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Conference Meeting (1) (1)

Secure File Sharing

Send patient intake forms, requisitions, resources and more via Document Sharing and Video or Text Chat.

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Streamline Workflows

Capture up-to-date notes and information to integrate into existing EHR software using Smart Summaries and Transcription.

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Other Integrations

Link in Google Calendar, Slack, Outlook, and API functionality for cohesive communication and effective scheduling.


Online Group Therapy Sessions

Especially for virtual mental health visits, We Must Meet provides a safe and private online space independent of geographic location.

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We Must Meet Key Features

Safe, Private and Secure

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Use Meeting Lock and One-Time Access Code for patient information
  • Safeguarded patient info and files with a 128-bit encrypted connection

Video Annotation and Laser Pointer

  • Mark up video, charts, scans and more in real-time
  • Save annotations and share any time
  • Give and receive feedback on the spot

Multiple Cameras

  • Use up to four cameras to show secondary video feeds
  • Capture different angles of the same event
  • Incorporate augmented reality elements for a heightened experience

Appointment Transcriptions

  • Turn on recording and transcription
  • Easily and securely integrate your existing EHR software for an accurate record of your appointment.

We Must Meet For All
Aspects of Virtual Care



  • Hiring and retainment
  • Management meetings
  • Health policies and evaluations
  • Scheduling


  • Mentorship
  • Continuing education
  • Online certifications
  • Distance learning


  • Nursing homes
  • Palliative care
  • Hospice
  • Group therapy
  • Wellness coaching
  • Crisis intervention

We Must Meet Caters to
All Sizes Of Healthcare Organizations

We Must Meet’s scalable technology is built to work with any size organization. From small to enterprise, find the right solution for your healthcare application with We Must Meet.