Legal Services with WE MUST MEET

Build rapport and a foundation of trust with a high-performing embeddable video and voice platform.

Strengthen client relationships while offering peace of mind and expert-level handling of legal matters while growing your business.

Enhancing Client Communication

Create a two-way dialogue using video and voice that gives lawyers a way to establish trust and connection and for clients to open up.

Reinforcing Law
Firm Culture

Data is safe and secure with HIPAA compliant video conferencing software; security-first technology that ensures virtual care meets regulation.

Speeding Up Judicial Processes

Send and receive important documents, get signatures, send depositions, and more. With browser-based video conferencing, it’s simple to connect from anywhere at any time.

WE MUST MEET Legal Services Convenient

With exceptional communication comes growth and increased revenue for your firm. External offerings allow for clients to have their legal needs met with minimal intrusion, less travel, and time saved. Internal meetings held anywhere give lawyers and staff unparalleled flexibility.



Video conferencing makes online meetings convenient and accessible between your law firm and clients:

  • Pitch to new clients
  • Host client meetings and negotiations online
  • Android and iOs mobile apps for case updates, and e-signatures


Support the growth of your law firm with high-quality video, instant document sharing, and secure end-to-end encryption for:

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Training and upskilling
  • Internal meetings on-the-go

Video-enabled Legal Service Workflow

Schedule a virtual meeting ahead of time or set up an on-demand sync.

Link the meeting to your email or calendar for an easy way to join.

Stay connected from anywhere on any device. Remote locations with low bandwidth included.

Work and collaborate with clients using screen sharing, and file sharing.

Loop in other lawyers or colleagues for legal advice, planning legal strategy, preparing and filing paperwork, etc.


Embeddable Video and Voice

Offer on-demand content and easy ways to join a meeting or view prerecorded content when users can just click to view without leaving your site or app.


Ultimate Privacy and Security

Experience international security compliance and an unrivaled level of virtual meeting privacy: E2E encryption, granular settings, access codes, and more.

Businessman logging in to his tablet

Virtually “In-Person”

Earn trust and build a working relationship when you can show up for clients to meet them where they’re at from wherever you are.


Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Cut travel time and automate tasks to boost personnel efficiency and regain hours in the day that can be better utilized as billable hours.


Promote A Hybrid Workplace

Enable a more flexible approach to working for attorneys and employees that involves in-office hours and working remotely.


Secure Everywhere

Keep client data protected, reduce malpractice risk and stay in compliance with state-of-the-art safety and security protocols.


Clear Branding

Helps to support clear and consistent branding that tells your story and USP across user touchpoints including your video conferencing platform.


Ample Storage

Use Drive to safely store, retrieve and sync recordings, files, and documents. Enjoy easy and on-demand access.


Provide Flexibility

Free up time and energy with video and voice technology available via the mobile app on Android and iOs that empowers lawyers and colleagues to work smarter not harder.


Other Integrations

Easily integrate We Must Meet’s technology into your current offering plus other integrations like Slack, Google Calendar, and Outlook.


WE MUST MEET Offers Embeddable Video

We Must Meet’s state-of-the-art solution offers full API integration. For you and your legal practice that means video and voice content is instantly available with the click of a mouse. Users can gain access to their client portal, view a video on demand or join a live stream or pre-recording without opening up a new window and leaving your site or app.

WE MUST MEET Key Features

Video and Voice

  • Smart resolution, crystal clear video, and audio
  • Customizable, versatile, and scalable API integration
  • AI-powered service

Safe, Private,
and Secure

  • Access permission, private codes, and encryption
  • Use Meeting Lock and One-Time Access Code for client information
  • Safeguard client data with 128-bit E2E encryption

AI-Powered Transcription and Sentiment Analysis

  • Speaker tags, time and date stamps
  • Auto-tag to pick up common topics and trends for in-depth data and easy recall
  • The Sentiment Analysis tool indicates positive and negative sentences and tone of voice

WE MUST MEET Supports TheFlexibility Of Virtual Legal Services

  • Client Intake
  • Billing and collections
  • Case management
  • Document management
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Meeting clients and legal teams
  • Holding court arraignments
  • Recording depositions
  • Bringing in witnesses
  • Further training with remote learning
  • Advertising legal services
  • Attending legal webinars

WE MUST MEET Brings Convenience to Legal Services

With We Must Meet’s safe and secure, easy-to-use, and convenient video and voice platform, law firms can carry out many legal services virtually. Connect with clients and solidify communication with colleagues using We Must Meet’s sophisticated technology.