Virtual Learning and Education with WE MUST MEET

Higher learning from anywhere, for anyone – at any time.

Knock down classroom walls with We Must Meet’s remote learning, in-a-box solution for students and learners far and wide.

Learn From Anywhere

Connect students and learners to their curriculum and training from anywhere via browser-based remote learning or by integrating with an institution’s already existing platform.

Customized Platform

Use your logo and brand colors across the user interface for virtual classrooms and online meeting rooms that have a cohesive look and feel.

Sync With Other Tools

Enhance how work is currently done by integrating We Must Meet to fit with your model for a more interactive videocentric experience.

WE MUST MEET Makes Education Accessible


Virtual Learning

Regardless of location, learners can access browser-based, zero-download virtual classrooms via desktop or mobile apps. Create live streams and videos or host online meetings, workshops, and webinars for training, coaching, running classes and so much more.


API Integration

For colleges and universities that want to optimize their workflows without reinventing the wheel, We Must Meet provides multiple APIs that fit into already-existing apps. Uplevel the online learning experience by connecting to a global network with collaboration features.


Technical Training Workflow

Set up an online meeting from the dashboard.

Click record now to capture video for those who couldn’t attend.

Link the meeting to your email or calendar for an easy way for learners to join.

Work with learners and educators to collaborate using Screen Sharing and other tools.

Stay connected from anywhere on any device; Remote locations with low bandwidth included.

Upload and share files using Drive.

Host live to lead learners in a meeting using:

  • Conversation/Collaboration Mode
  • Q&A/Classroom Mode
  • Presentation/Webinar Mode



Fits With Existing Tools

Let We Must Meet’s APIs seamlessly integrate with how you’re already using your education tools and workflows to support or build new ones without interrupting the flow.


Enables Remote Learning

Provide a virtual classroom or online meeting room, blended classes, study group session, lecture space, and more via web browser and Android or iOS mobile app.


Grows Network

Expand your network and grow your reach to accommodate more learners alongside technology that scales with you.


Live Stream and Record

Straight from your virtual classroom, you can live stream to YouTube and create public or private events online.


Facilitate Campus and
Admin Communication

One solution creates connections between admin and management for streamlined communication across campuses, offices, districts, or groups of people.


Customized Branding

Your school logo, branding watermark, and color palette take up prime visual real estate across all user touchpoints, totally customized.


Stay Connected

Keep staff in the know and distribute professors across campuses and virtual settings with real-time communication including SMS notifications and Text Chat.


Easy and Reliable Access

Allow for fast and easy access for both students and educators from remote locations with high-quality audio and video connections.


Other Integrations

Easily integrate We Must Meet’stechnology into your current offering plus other integrations like Slack, Google Calendar, and Outlook.


WE MUST MEET Key Features

Video and Voice

  • Smart resolution, crystal clear video, and audio
  • Customizable, versatile, and scalable API integration
  • AI-powered service

Total Accessibility

  • Browser-based access
  • No extra equipment needed
  • Zero downloads required
  • Toll-free conference call numbers

Collaboration Tools

  • Mark up videos with Annotation in real-time
  • Optimized viewing with Gallery View and Active Speaker
  • Share your screen, upload, download, and store files on Drive

WE MUST MEET Empowers Learning



  • Distance learning programs
  • Standalone programs
  • College and university programs
  • Online lectures
  • Study groups
  • Breakout rooms
  • Practicums


  • Technical training
  • Employee training
  • Internal learning
  • Upskilling


  • Enrollment and registration
  • Teacher-student communication
  • Campus outreach
  • Tuition and fees
  • Parent-teacher meetings

WE MUST MEET Opens Up Virtual Learning And Education

We Must Meet’s in-depth two-way communication platform enables students from anywhere in the world to learn. Not only does the technology provide standalone solutions, but it can also integrate and fit into existing workflows to support training, learning, and other methods of education.